Job search in Canada!

As of August 2021, Canada is on target to meet 401,000 new permanent residents after adding record numbers in June and July, according to minister Marco Mendocino’s statement published by Reuters.

Canadian borders are now being open to permanent residents, and it is time to plan your job search in the new country.

Having lived and worked in the UK, New Zealand, and Canada, I can confidently say you need to strategically approach job search and the interview process to land a job as quickly as possible.

I have worked as a senior marketing professional in the technology sector for the last decade with a background in IT product and services marketing, channel business development, and aligning sales and marketing.

The technology sector booming despite the pandemic is adding many tech sales, marketing, IT, and business development jobs at a lightning pace.

I am sure you would have heard from your family, relatives, or friends that it is an uphill task to land a job that you deserve without having prior Canadian experience. It wasn’t much different for me despite having extensive international experience and working for the North American region.

You might have read hundreds of articles on job search tips or tried sending cold LinkedIn connection requests or messages seeking a referral; you need to do more than that.

Watch out and subscribe for my new blog series, where I would dissect job descriptions across different job advertising, helping you create a tailored resume and cover letters. Also, you can reach out to me by email at

Good luck in your job search and stay tuned!

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