In 2006 I graduated in Information Science, and Engineering from BMS College of Engineering focused on software engineering, managing information systems, software programming in C, C++, and Java, and data management subjects. Graduating from one of the top engineering colleges in southern India, I was fortunate to secure my first paid internship and a full-time job as a software engineer at Perot Systems (now part of NTT Data).

After working for a year at Perot Systems, I had an opportunity to work for Honeywell, a massive American multinational, as an Information Developer. However, supporting the market research team with stretch projects, my interests strongly inclined towards the business side and drew me to take up my master’s in business postgraduate course.

In 2008, I started my Master of Business course at Manchester Business School, United Kingdom. The initial days were hard as I had never lived away from home for 24 years. New place, culture, new subjects as I had an engineering undergraduate degree with very few technology management-related electives that I had studied. I had to spend a few extra hours learning all the basics along with the course modules. The post-graduate course focused mostly on managing business systems across the globe and how Finance, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations shaped management practices in a certain way in all the geographies. The course was intense with many assignments, case study analyses, presentations, and fieldwork for marketing projects.

I graduated in December 2009 with a master’s degree. Before graduation, I had an opportunity to intern with a chemical manufacturer called Quatchem Ltd. I worked on business development and market entry feasibility study for cleaning chemicals for the airline industry. 

The internship involved researching for information, conducting primary research, and mapping how the years of experience, research and development, and operational strengths of Quatchem (supply chain and logistics, international suppliers, warehouse management, and distribution management) impacted their GTM and business development strategies.

That wasn’t the end of my education; I continued to work on several projects while living in the UK and studying along with various certifications that have sharpened my knowledge in the industry and business acumen. You can learn more about the certifications I have and how it has helped me connect the various dots to become an expert in my career.